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Furniture Factory Bodzio

 Furniture Factory Bodzio was established in 1985. It is a tradtitional family business run by the founder, owner and CEO Bogdan Szewczyk, his wife Iwona and their children Anna, Justyna, Monika and Grzegorz. The company is based in Goszcz, Poland. 


With 2300 employees and the plant covering 60 000 square meters the company manufactures over 1000 furniture sets a day. They are delivered to the customers and over 313 company’s showrooms all over Poland by 300 fleet cars. 

The core business of the company is furniture. Furniture Factory Bodzio produces a wide range of furniture for kitchens, living rooms, bedroooms, offices and hotels as well as upholstered furniture.


The company is known for its original design, functionality and usability which make our furniture very popular among clients.  


Furniture Factory Bodzio is an award winning company. Among these awards are: 

"Przedsiębiorca Roku 2008" (Entrepreneur of The Year),

"Jakość roku 2009" - nagroda specjalna, (Quality of the Year 2009 – special award)

"Oleśnicki Sukces Gospodarczy", (Oleśnica’s Business Success - award for the best local business)

"Dolnośląski Gryf"   (award for best companies in the Lower Silesian Region)

"Laur Konsumenta 2008" (consumer’s award)

"Solidny Pracodawca BranĹźy Meblarskiej 2009" (award for the best employers in the furniture industry)

"Przedsiębiorca Roku 2008"  (Entrepreneur of The Year)

"Gazele Biznesu" (award for the fastest developing companies)

"Przedsiębiorca Roku 2007",(Entrepreneur of The Year)

"Solidna Firma 2006" – (Trustworthy Company- golden certificate)

"Biała Lista - Solidna Firma 2005" (trustworthy company placed on the list of the best companies )

"Dobra Firma 2006" (award for the best companies of the year)

"Dolnośląski Certyfikat Gospodarczy 2010" (award for the best companies in the Lower Silesian Region)

"Pracodawca - organizator pracy bezpiecznej",(award for the employers concerned with the safety of their employees)

"Najwyższa Jakość Quality International 2010" (the highest quality award for the GRENADA furniture system). 

All these awards, as well as many others, are appreciated by the company as they prove the quality of its products.



In 2007 and 2008 Bogdan Szewczyk was granted the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year special award for fulfilling the business model he created in a consequent and effective manner. This award shows not only his management skills but also the development of the company and its position on the market. 


Furniture Factory Bodzio among the 20 best companies in Poland 


Furniture Factory Bodzio was awarded the ’Dobra Firma’ title by Rzeczpospolita, one of the biggest and most influential newspaper in Poland . Among 2000 candidates jury appreciated only those which showed exceptional possibilities of growth, good financial condition, high profitability, increasing employment and high development investments. 


Modern design, functionality and attractive prices make Bodzio Furniture a definite must have. 


We hope you will be satisfied with your purchase and look forward to further cooperation.  



 Fabryka Mebli "BODZIO" Bogdan Szewczyk Sp. j., Goszcz, ul. Sycowska 16, 56-416 Twardogóra, Polska
 +48 71 31 58 666, +48 71 39 97 000
 +48 71 39 87 366

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Furniture Factory BODZIO is a producer of a wide range of furniture for living room, bedroom,
kitchen and upholstered furniture. The company is based in Poland.

For more information visit our website:

We are interested in cooperation around the United States.

We offer favorable conditions for enterpreneurs and companies in the territory of the United States.

Please contact General Manager, Bogdan Szewczyk at e-mail address:
Phone: 0048 71 399 7263 or 0048 71 399 7264

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